Use Case Gallery

Examples of what you can do with the Algorithmia Platform.

Image Tagger

Use Deep Learning to Identify Features in an Image

Colorize Photos

Use Deep Learning to Automatically Colorize Black and White Photos

Scene Recognition

Use Deep Learning to Identify and Classify Places

Fashion Recognition

Use Deep Learning to Identify and Classify Fashion Items
Tools Used
Deep Fashion

Deep Style

Using deep learning for artistic style transfer
Tools Used
Deep Filter

Web Page Inspector

An API to instantly retrieve clean, structured data from any URL

Search Video

Use Computer Vision and Deep Learning to search untagged video

Is It Nude?

Choose an image and AI will tell you #isitnude

Time Series Analysis

Analyze economic development using predictive time series analysis

Video Toolbox

Video transformations, powered my Machine Learning

Social Media Image Recommender

Use machine learning to get image recommendations based on text content