Why Serverless AI Layer?

  • Pay only for what you use - Billing is by the second and super easy.
  • Low-latency Serverless Microservices - Blazing fast & simple to integrate.
  • Elastic Scaling - Can handle the biggest spikes of use with ease.
  • CPUs or GPUs - You choose the performance level you need.
  • Fully Composable - Build workflows with models from the marketplace and your own.

Host your AI/ML models with 10,000 complimentary credits.

Use Cases: Serverless AI/ML models

Natural Language Processing

Analyze, understand, and derive meaning from human language

Natural Language Processing
Anonymize Video

Automatically censor faces in videos

Anonymize Video
Forecasting Demand in Geography

Time series analysis of geographical demand

Forecasting Demand

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Scaling AI requires a new approach to software architecture — the AI Layer.