Algorithmia for all machine learning workloads

Securely deploy, serve, and manage machine learning models three different ways.

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Ideal for teams who want to get started immediately.

Scale without commitment or overhead. Pay-as-you-go pricing.

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Enterprise Dedicated

Get started immediately with private cloud and managed service options.

Private, dedicated, and managed on our infrastructure or yours, invoice billing, uptime SLA

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Enterprise Advanced

Ideal for enterprise workloads on the cloud or on-prem.

Behind your firewall, on VMware, or cloud; self-managed with advanced security and privacy features.

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All options include these capabilities:

  • Data and model training platform integrations

    Connect your data and models where they are stored and built with a library of connectors and APIs

  • Latest hardware support CPU/GPU

    Take advantage of our native multi-cloud platform infrastructure support

  • Algorithm management API and UI

    Manage model lifecycles interactively or automate them with our API

  • External source code repository support

    Promote ML development processes for software development, governance, and reproducibility

  • Full language and framework support

    Leverage the tools you use today with the broadest support of languages and frameworks

  • Administration API and UI

    Manage the platform with our UI or integrate with your favorite DevOps tools via our API

  • GPU optimization

    Optimized for model runtime performance and efficiency

  • Learning management system

    Use our course-based Learning Center and thousands of pre-trained models

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