Solving Technical Debt in Govermental Machine Learning Systems

If you would like to begin evaluating your AI/ML needs, our Engineers are here to help.
Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems: Google, 2015

The most mature AI/ML companies have spent years building their own AI layers such as Uber’s Michelangelo, Google’s Tensorflow TFX, and Facebook’s FBLearner. This infrastructure enables them to deploy AI at scale and is vital to realizing AI’s potential impact. Algorithmia’s Enterprise Services provides that infrastructure for the government. We help you leapfrog the infrastructure development phase and enable you to deploy your AI, at scale.

"As someone that has spent years designing and deploying Machine Learning systems, I'm impressed by Algorithmia's serverless microservice architecture – it's a great solution for organizations that want to deploy AI at any scale."

VP of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence at Google

Our engineers have focused on developing the capabilities that will enable you to finally see actionable results with your AI. The AI layer is:

Regulation Compliant

We specialize in operating in highly regulated industries and meet the most stringent government regulations. We already operate with the most highly regulated government industries and apply the same level of scrutiny to each client’s needs.


Our AI layer is data agnostic, stack agnostic, and supports the 7 most prevalent coding languages eliminating any interoperability challenges. By also being cloud agnostic we empower you to collaborate between organizations who may have data stored in different locations or types of servers.


Every algorithm your data scientists develop will be shared across your organization and can be run with a simple REST API call eliminating duplicate efforts between formerly siloed branches of government.


Our serverless layer lets you automatically scale up or down to meet fluctuating throughput needs from minimal holiday traffic to potential disaster response. Not only will you be able to meet demand, but you will cut costs by only paying for the required throughput at any given time.

Solution Enabling

Every algorithm in our open marketplace is available for you to integrate into your internal operations enabling you to cherry pick the models that will best aid you in achieving your objectives. (Note that additional royalties may apply based on the algorithm)


Every algorithm will be saved at each point in its development and easily found in the algorithm registry, so you can retrace your decision making and ensure accountability. We maintain the lineage of each algorithm making your data based decisions explainable and transparent to citizens and regulators.

"Algorithmia empowers U.S. Government agencies to rapidly deploy new capabilities to the AI layer. The platform delivers security, scalability and discoverability so data scientists can focus on problem solving."

Partner at In-Q-Tel

Governments face a unique set of challenges when developing infrastructure for AI and Algorithmia is positioned to help solve these challenges.

Migrating to the Cloud and Hybrid Clusters

AI evolution and deployment is dependent on migrating from outdated servers to cloud based and hybrid servers that can handle large amounts of data processing. Our cloud agnostic processes and scalable and compatible AI layer pulls models and data from any cloud or combination of sources. As you transition from on premise servers to cloud based we can keep your AI deployment running smoothing and securely. The serverless AI layer allows you to automatically scale in response to fluctuating needs thereby optimizing your hybrid clusters operations.

Ensuring the data behind decisions are accessible, explainable, and reproducible to the public

Governments need to be accountable to their citizens and regulators and the AI Layer helps to remove the “black box” surrounding AI. The AI layer ensures your models are discoverable and their lineage is preserved by allowing data scientists to publish functions as versioned API endpoints. Algorithmia Enterprise makes each version of a single function available as a unique REST API endpoint, concurrently, eliminating backward-compatibility challenges and breaking changes. We also provide a dashboard for leaders to monitor algorithm creation, usage, and innovation. You will keep track of your work and prevent redundant efforts.

Complying to government regulations

Data privacy is paramount and as regulations change and data is shared this can become increasingly difficult to protect. We thrive in highly regulated fields and our lineage, discoverability, API generation, security expertise, and advanced monitoring will keep you compliant with any regulations and can be updated in real time.

Streamlining AI enabled solutions

Algorithmia’s universal REST APIs, and compatible and composable AI layer allow each of your AI enabled solutions to be run by a universal REST API call. You can use one system to access all of your AI solutions across the organization. Algorithms will be accessible and discoverable across branches of government so you can stop reinventing the wheel.

Migrating to modern technology stacks

Algorithmia’s compatible and composable AI layer allows your data scientists to work in Java, Scala, Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Rust, or R. The AI layer is stack agnostic and can be compatible with any configuration you choose to work with. This vastly expands your talent pool and usable algorithms.


How do you measure success?

Algorithmia provides:
  • Data about your data with a metric based dashboard for your entire AI portfolio.
  • Lineage for accountability.

Data Scientists

How do you collaborate and innovate on AI within the government?

The AI layer:
  • generates automated versioning and scaling.
  • allows for seamless interoperability & reusability across technology stacks.
  • generates a one click REST API call for every algorithm.

IT Engineers

How do you efficiently run and monitor your ever-evolving infrastructure?

Serverless microservices:
  • reduce data center costs with flexible scaling.
  • enable customizable authorizations and security monitoring.
  • create algorithm versioning.

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