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Building a Timeline of your Video


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Video Metadata

Applying machine learning algorithms to extract information from videos

This is a demo of Algorithmia's VideoMetadataExtraction and associated algorithms. It uses machine learning algorithms such as NudityDetection, CarMakeandModelRecognition, and EmotionRecognition to examine the content of frame of a video.

See this demo in action

This demo can be viewed at

Run it yourself

This demo only contains frontend code and requires no specialized hosting (or even a server).

  1. download the repository
  2. edit /JavaScript/video-metadata/public/js/main.js to place your own API Key (free signup w/ 5k credits monthly) in the line containing "Algorithmia.client()"
  3. if you have not already, run the setup steps outlined in /
  4. build the demo: grunt build:video-metadata
  5. open /build/video-metadata/index.html in a web browser

Find more information in the Algorithmia Developer Center or the API Docs.

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