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Fix Crooked Photos with Horizon Detection


Available on GitHub.

The Horizon Detection microservice from Algorithmia is an easy-to-use API which takes an image (URL or base64-encoded file) and attempts to find the horizon.

This Python script allows you to specify an input image, passes it through the horizon-detection service, and straightens out the image (while optionally cropping and resampling it).

For the full blog post related to this recipe, see How to Rotate Images in Python Using a Horizon Detection Algorithm.

Getting Started

Create a free Algorithmia account, and install the Algorithmia Python client and the Pillow image-manipulation library:

pip install algorithmia
pip install Pillow

Detailed instructions can be found in the blog post.

How To Run the Script

First, edit the script and replace your_api_key with your Algorithmia API Key

Also replace /some/filename.jpg with a path to a JPEG image on your local filesystem, and /some/outputfile.jpg with the desired path for the output file.

Use the command line, and navigate to the folder with your Python file and run:


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