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How to Find Broken Links and Email Yourself a 404 Not Found Report


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404 Error Scanner

The 404 Error Scanner microservice from Algorithmia is a useful tool for developers, data analysts, and content managers that need to validate URLs and keep tabs on broken links in a scalable and systematic way.

This is a simple Python script for creating a nicely formatted broken link report email using Algorithmia and and Mailgun.

Getting Started

Create a free Algorithmia account, and install the Algorithmia Python client:

pip install algorithmia 

Then create a free Mailgun account.

Detailed instructions can be found in the how to find broken links and email yourself a 404 Not Found report blog post.

Learn more about how the 404 Error Scanner microservice here.

Running 404 Error Scanner

Use the command line, and navigate to the folder with your Python file and run:


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