Developer Center

Resources to get you started with Algorithmia


Text analysis

  • Categorize Documents by Language

    Categorize your documents by the text's natural language.

  • Classify Documents To Topics

    Find topics in your documents, then organize documents to those topics.

  • Crawl, Scrape, and Analyze Websites

    Scrape a URL and extract the page for the metadata.

  • Named Entities of Tweets

    Find out who is talking about what on Twitter by getting the named entities of tweets by keyword.

  • Sentiment Analysis Pipeline

    Get the sentiment of a website's contents from it's URL

  • Summarize Slideshow Presentations

    Extract the text from slideshow presentations and summarize the content.

  • Machine learning

  • Sentiment Timeseries Forecast Pipeline

    Build a pipeline that takes structured text data and show the text's sentiment and sentiment forecast in a time series graph.

  • Computer vision

  • Colorize Pictures in Dropbox or S3

    Colorize your black and white pictures in your S3 bucket or Dropbox directory

  • Fix Crooked Photos with Horizon Detection

    Take images that are a little sideways and fix them by using the image's horizon to rotate them properly.

  • Improve Saliency Detection

    Sharpen images to help saliency detection perform even better.

  • Utilities

  • 404 Error Scanner for URL Validation

    Incorporate email service Mailgun to validate and report on your URL's and find broken links on your website.

  • Create a Custom Color Scheme From Your Favorite Website

    Generate random color palettes from multiple images found on your favorite design blog or shopping site.