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Resources to get you started with Algorithmia


Acquiring Data for Document Classification

Train the Document Classifier on data scraped from the web

Machine learning Text analysis

Building a Timeline of your Video

Automatically Identify Objects, Sequence Times, and Integrate with Timeline.js

Computer vision

Categorize Documents by Language

Categorize your documents by the text's natural language

Text analysis

Classify Documents To Topics

Find topics in your documents, then organize documents to those topics

Text analysis

Colorize Pictures in Dropbox or S3

Colorize your black and white pictures in your S3 bucket or Dropbox directory

Computer vision

Crawl, Scrape, and Analyze Websites

Scrape a URL and extract the page for the metadata

Text analysis

Create a Custom Color Scheme From Your Favorite Website

Generate random color palettes from multiple images found on your favorite design blog or shopping site


Create and Censor Non-Nude Subclips from Video

Create subclips from video, find out if they contain nudity or not and censor the faces of the non-nude clips

Computer vision

Extract Structured Data From Web Sites Using Analyze URL

Scrape and Extract Info from the Web, via a simple API that handles AJAX, Pagination, and More

Text analysis

Find the Make and Model of Cars in a Traffic Video

Get the make, model, body type and more metadata of cars from a traffic video in just a few lines of code.

Computer vision

Fix Crooked Photos with Horizon Detection

Take images that are a little sideways and fix them by using the image's horizon to rotate them properly

Computer vision

How to Find Broken Links and Email Yourself a 404 Not Found Report

Use the 404 Scanner Microservice to Generate a Report of Broken Links via Mailgun

Utilities Text analysis

Improve Saliency Detection

Sharpen images to help saliency detection perform even better

Computer vision

Introduction to Twitter Topic and Sentiment Analysis

Analyze, Label, and Sort Twitter Dara by their Perceived Sentiment

Text analysis

Introduction to Video Metadata Extraction

Get Structured Information out of Videos

Computer vision

Multi-language support for Machine Learning

Adding multilingual support to any algorithm: pre-translation in NLP

Machine learning Text analysis

Named Entities of Tweets

Find out who is talking about what on Twitter by getting the named entities of tweets by keyword

Text analysis

Quickly Building a Face Recognizer

Automatically Tag the Faces you want to Recognize in Images

Machine learning Computer vision

Remove NSFW Sections from a Video

Locate and remove sections of a video which contain nudity

Computer vision

Sentiment Analysis Pipeline

Get the sentiment of a website's contents from it's URL

Text analysis

Sentiment Analysis with Twitter

Perform Sentiment Analysis on Twitter data

Text analysis

Sentiment Timeseries Forecast Pipeline

Build a pipeline that takes structured text data and show the text's sentiment and sentiment forecast in a time series graph

Machine learning Timeseries


Integrate Machine Learning directly into your Slack channels

Integrations Utilities Text analysis

Smart Autogeneration of Thumbnails Banners, and Socials with Content Aware Resize

Introducing ContentAwareResize, a microservice which crops images to any size… while ensuring that the important parts do not get removed!

Computer vision

Summarize Slideshow Presentations

Extract the text from slideshow presentations and summarize the content

Text analysis

Train Scikit-Learn Locally, Deploy as a Service

Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) with Sklearn and Algorithmia

Machine learning Timeseries

Train a Document Classifier

Train a Machine to Turn Documents into Keywords, via Document Classification

Machine learning Text analysis

Train a Face Recognition Model to Recognize Celebrities

Learn how to use the Face Recognition model so you can see which celebrity you look most like

Computer vision

Training with Weights: Machine Learning at the Gym

Identify relevant features and use a Random Forest Regressor to predict how crowded the gym will be

Machine learning Timeseries

Transfer Style from One Image to Another in JavaScript

Learn how to use the StyleThief Microservice in a Single-Page Website

Computer vision


Use Algorithmia APIs to get Tweets by keyword or username, list friends & followers

Integrations Utilities Text analysis

Video Editing: extracting metadata from movie scenes

Extract metadata and statistics from videos using Scene Detection algorithm

Computer vision