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If you are looking to share algorithms privately or publish algorithms on behalf of an organization, such as a university, private company, or open source community, then our teams and organizations feature is what you are looking for.

Use Cases:

  • Shared API Keys within an “Organization” allows for increased security
  • Avoid individual user names tied to an algorithm
  • Separate and organize multiple teams or departments within a company using “Organizations”
  • Increased governance over who has access to an algorithm by adding or deleting members of you team or org
  • Allow for multiple contributors to an algorithm
  • Share resources with members of an organization such as data when hosted in Algorithmia’s data collections

The following sections cover the basics of using teams and organizations on the Algorithmia platform, including how to create and invite users to an organization, how to approve published algorithms, and how to check your organization’s earnings if you charge for user’s calling your algorithms.

The Profile Overview:

The profile overview provides a rich source of information about an organization. In the overview, you can find the name of an organization, its members, and a listing of its algorithms. If you are the owner of the organization you will also be able to add and delete members as well as edit basic information regarding the organization.

Organizations profile

Things to know about Organizations:

  • Publishing algorithms under an organization requires approval from the organization owner before they are made available to other users in the marketplace.
  • All earnings from algorithms owned by an organization are rolled up into the organization’s account.
  • You must be invited into an organization by the organization owner.

Creating an Organization:

To create your new organization simply go to your profile page and click “+Create Organization”

create organization

At this time you will be asked to fill out some information regarding your organization:

  • Organization Account Name: This will determine the URL where your organization will be showcased. It is required that this be all lowercase letters, no spaces and no special characters.
  • Organization Full Name: This is the organization’s full name.
  • Contact Name: The primary contact for your organization.
  • Organization Email: The organization’s primary email.
  • Url: Your organization’s website. This property is optional.
  • Logo: You may optionally add an image to brand your organization.

Organization info

Once your organization has been created you can edit all the provided information as well as add a logo and a Terms of Use document.

Organization info

Note: The Terms of Use are organization specific. When users accept an invite to your organization they will be accepting the Terms of Use uploaded. Algorithmia records the date when the terms where accepted. These terms are completely independent of the Algorthmia Terms of Use.

Inviting Users to your Organization:

You can invite users to your organization either by using their Algorithmia username or by providing an email address. If you invite a user through email that is not part of the Algorithmia platform, they will receive an email invite to signup and join your organization.

To invite a user simply click ‘Invite User’:

Inviting Users

After clicking ‘Invite User’ a form will appear and you can enter the users name or email address:

Inviting Users

As an organization owner, you may view any pending invitations by clicking on the “Invitations” tab

If you invite a user that already has an account, then you must invite them using their username, not their email.

Approving Algorithms:

Once members of your organization have created an algorithm and submitted it for approval, a purple indicator with the version to be published will show on your organization profile under algorithms.

Approving Algorithms

Note: Every new version of the algorithm to be published will require independent approval.

At this time you will be able to set the royalty (if any) for that algorithm and finalize publishing to Algorithmia’s marketplace.

Set royalty for team algorithms

Check Earnings:

To view your organization’s earnings and a break down of all algorithms that are called, simply access “View Earnings” on your organization’s profile.

Check earnings