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A walk through of your account profile page.

Advanced Governance Reporting

Gain insight into platform usage and enhance ML governance with Algorithmia's advanced reporting capabilities


A walk through of the algorithm profile page.

API Keys

Configuring API Keys

Collaboration-Focused UI

In Algorithmia version 21.2, we've updated our platform with a number of user interface (UI) improvements to support an organizational, collaborative approach to algorithm development and management. It's now easier for teams to work together to deliver MLOps functionality in a shared workspace, while individual users can still utilize their personal workspace as an isolated, "sandbox" environment in order to keep the production environment uncluttered.

Navigation improvements

We've relocated resource creation, viewing, and management functionality in an effort to clarify who the owner of a resource is when it's created and at the point it's accessed. In the redesigned interface, you'll now see links in the left-hand navigation menu to navigate directly to workspaces associated with any organizations to which you belong, as well as to your personal workspace. Each resource is scoped within a specific workspace, and in the UI you'll only be able to interact with it from within that workspace.

Organization workspaces

Resources (i.e., Algorithms, Data, and API keys) owned by each organization are now visible in that organization's workspace, along with other organization-related tabs that were previously on an organization's profile (i.e., Reporting, Errors, Members, and Invites). Finally, the organization-level settings previously available through the Edit Organization button have been moved to a designated Settings tab.


Understanding organizations on Algorithmia


All about permissions on the platform.

Role-Based Access Control

On Algorithmia, resource access is controlled using roles and organizations. If you aren’t familiar with how roles work on Algorithmia, you can review the glossary definitions for cluster admin, cluster user, and org admin.

Secret Store

Use Algorithmia's Secret Store to save and access sensitive data


All about Algorithmia's Teams tier


All about versioning on the platform.