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Platform FAQs

Algorithmia is a platform for sharing the world's algorithmic knowledge in a way that is scalable, composable, easy-to-integrate, and always live. We want to place the cutting edge of algorithms technology in the hands of every developer, researcher, and business. Find quick answers to common questions about the platform below.

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Algorithm Development FAQs

With the Algorithmia platform, you can get your algorithms in to the hands of developers, researchers, and businesses. In the Algorithm Developer FAQs, you'll get fast answers to your algorithm development questions.

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Platform FAQs

  • Algorithmia is misbehaving or I know a way it could be better.

    You can log any bugs or propose a new features on GitHub or contact us directly.

  • How do I connect with Algorithmia?

    • Follow us on Twitter!
    • Check out the Algorithmia blog to stay up-to-date with new features and resources for using Algorithmia.
    • Send us a quick message by clicking the ‘?’ in the bottom right of your browser on the Algorithmia homepage.
    • Shoot us an email at

  • How do I get my data into Algorithmia? Can I upload data for storing and processing?

    Algorithmia’s Data Portal makes it easy to connect your application or website to data sources. You’ll find guides on how to connect to Amazon’s S3 service, Dropbox or you can host your files for free on the Algorithmia platform.

  • How much does using Algorithmia cost?

    Every account comes with 10,000 free credits and more credits can be earned by contributing algorithms to the platform. Beyond the free tier, Algorithmia credits must be purchased. Find more information in the pricing overview and Pricing Details for Developers.

    The cost of running an algorithm has two components: the algorithm price set by the developer or developers of the algorithm(s) used as well as the time it takes to run the job.

  • I am part of an educational institution or doing research. Is there a special program for me?

    Yes! Please contact us. We would love to learn about your project and see if we can donate free credits.

  • I found a bug in an algorithm or it's not producing the expected results, what can I do?

    The quickest way to give feedback on a particular algorithm is by leaving a comment on the algorithm’s page so that the author will be immediately notified. You can also contact us.

  • I would like to take an algorithm from Algorithmia offline for my application, what can I do?

    Contact us and we will put you in contact with the original algorithm developer.

  • What languages do you support?

    The Algorithmia REST API can be accessed in any language. To learn about the REST API, more information can be found in our getting started guide or you can find documentation for a specific client under the Clients section.

  • Algorithm Development FAQs

  • Can I use external libraries with my algorithms?

    Of course! Dependencies are added to the algorithm through the Dependencies dialog inside the algorithm editor.

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  • How do I avoid others copying my source code?

    Algorithmia has multiple permission modes for your algorithm, including viewable source code and private code. While we encourage making your source code viewable, “black-box” algorithms are allowed.

    If you believe there has been a copyright violation, please report it by following the instructions under the section “Copyright Complaints” in the Terms and Conditions.

  • I am an algorithm developer, how do I make money?

    When adding your algorithm to the marketplace, you can determine the unit of charge in Algorithmia credits. Each time your algorithm is called through the API, we meter it and charge the caller’s credit account.

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  • I want my algorithm to be open source, can my algorithm be free of royalty charges?

    Yes! You can make your work completely open source and free while allowing developers across the world access to your algorithm. As an incentive to promote community contributions, open source algorithms on the Algorithmia Platform will earn 1% of the usage cost (0.01cr/sec of execution time).

  • What is the apply() function?

    The apply() function defines the input point of the algorithm. We use the apply() function in order to make different algorithms standardized. This makes them easily chained and helps authors think about designing their algorithms in a way that makes them easy to leverage and predictable for end users.

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  • What languages can I write my algorithm in?

    We currently support algorithm development in Java, Python, Rust, JavaScript, Ruby, R, and Scala. We are adding new languages constantly. To request a language send us email at

  • Who owns the intellectual property rights of uploaded source code?

    The author retains the intellectual property rights of their algorithm. Algorithmia never takes any ownership of your code, documents, or data. These are always owned by the original author and are free to be commercialized through channels other than Algorithmia. For more details check out the Developer Terms page.