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Each algorithm follows the same versioning scheme composed of a revision number, minor version number, and major version number. This allows algorithm developers the ability to update and improve their algorithms while maintaining a dependable version for consumers to call.

Revisions (-.-.z)

Revisions are for publishing backward-compatible bug fixes.

Revisions carry the same price and visibility to ensure that existing consumers of an algorithm continue to have access to an algorithm and its bug fixes at a predictable price.

Minor Versions (-.y.-)

Minor versions are for publishing new functionality in a backwards-compatible manner.

Algorithm developers may elect to change the royalty cost for a new minor version of an algorithm.

Major Versions (x.-.-)

Major version changes is an upcoming feature which will provide a mechanism for publishing breaking changes to an algorithm. Currently, algorithm authors are unable to make a major version change.

When an algorithm has a minor or major version change, the author has the opportunity to update the cost and permissions. Remember to version your API calls to avoid unexpected changes.

Algorithm developers only: you will sometimes see hash-style version numbers such as 4be0e18fba270e4aaa7cff20555268903f69a11b in the development console; only you will be able to call this version, using one of your own API Keys. Only the x.y.z-style version numbers are ever made publicly available.