Developer Center

Resources to get you started with Algorithmia

Getting Started

Welcome to our Developer Center, where you can learn how to deploy models into production quickly, securely, and cost-effectively to deliver business value from your machine learning and artifiical intelligence initiatives.

Integration Support

We've built our platform with flexibility as a top priority, enabling you to operationalize, manage, and govern your machine learning workflows all within existing processes and using existing tools and services.

See our Integration Guide to learn how to integrate Algorithmia with your existing data stores, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and observability tools, message brokers, source code management systems, identity providers, and more.

Quickstart Guides

Using Algorithmia's APIs or browser user interface (UI), you can turn your machine learning models or utility functions into production-ready, scalable REST API endpoints in a few lines of code. Get started creating your first algorithm using Algorithmia's browser UI or API.

Learn how to connect algorithms to data sources, where you can store serialized model files and any other data on which your algorithms rely.

For details on language-specific algorithm development and dependency management, check out our Algorithm Development Guides.

Check out our Model Deployment Guides to learn recommended patterns and best practices for using popular machine learning frameworks with Algorithmia.

    import Algorithmia
    input = "YOUR_NAME"
    client = Algorithmia.client("API_KEY")
    algo = client.algo("demo/Hello/")