Algorithmia is excited to announce that we’ve been selected to present at AWS re:Invent 2015 in Las Vegas on Tuesday, October 6th!

Our founders Diego Oppenheimer and Kenny Daniel will be presenting a solution for building and deploying serverless applications using Algorithmia and AWS Lambda during the breakout session Building Tomorrow’s Applications: Serverless Solutions in the Cloud.

“The combination of AWS’s limitless infrastructure, and Algorithmia’s algorithmic intelligence, allows developers from around the globe to build tomorrow’s smart applications today,” Oppenheimer said.

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If you’re in Las Vegas, please join us on Tuesday, October 6th at 2:45 PM in Lido 3001B. This event is free and open to APN members. Check out the complete AWS re:Invent schedule here.

We’ll be sharing a detailed blog post from the presentation, including a video demo, code samples, and a how-to guide for creating your own serverless apps using Algorithmia and Lambda.

Watch the AWS re:Invent 2014 Day 1 Keynote with Andy Jassy:

And, Day 2 Keynote with Werner Vogels:

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