Algorithmia developers unveiled a new UI on our user platform this week. Now, when you log into Algorithmia, you’ll see a personalized dashboard with your account information and recent activity, enabling easy account management and navigation.

New Algorithmia UI

This change comes about as we mark the four-year anniversary of the Algorithmia website, but the redesign of the platform was tied to creating a more user-friendly and intuitive experience for our users.

A Mini Tour

There are two new menus: global and navigation. The global menu (the purple one at the left) is designed to keep primary actions readily available (creating new algorithms, data sources, searching, accessing your notifications, and profile actions).

The navigation menu (the light gray one) provides quick access to the main pages of the site (your user pages, algorithms, data, and the accompanying technical docs).

We were excited to move to a drawer-based navigation style, and surfacing application functionality to be more consistent. We’re making the app more intuitive and usable for everyone.
-Ryan Miller, Algorithmia Frontend Engineering Lead

What’s New?

We designed the new UI with user control in mind. Some of the features include:

  • Lists organization: the new UI provides easy access to saved work, API Keys, and set organizations for model sharing.
  • Dashboard navigation: easy access via two nav panes.
  • Mobile integration: much of the updated drawer navigation features of the site are now available for mobile users as well.

“A good UI should get out of the way, but as the app grew we began to see the opposite—we were inhibiting user effectiveness. So we broke it down and are iteratively building it back up with usability at the foundation so users can focus on their work—not how to use the app.”
      -James Hoover, Algorithmia Product Designer

We welcome any feedback you have as we continue to make the Algorithmia user platform ever more intuitive and usable.

Check out our updated UI today!

Blast From the Past

Because this change lines up with the four-year anniversary of the website, enjoy some images of the progression of the Algorithmia site since its inception.2015 and 2016 UIs

2015 and 2016 were years focused on building the algorithm marketplace. The left picture is the late-2015 UI, and the picture on the right shows an update from 2016.

2017 homepage UI

In 2017, the programming languages we supported in our marketplace made an appearance on the homepage. We’re rocking much more of the purple with our swag today.

2018 UI
The early 2018 page (above left) showcased our algorithm library and the ease with which anyone can upload a model to it. In the second half of 2018, we rolled out the Algorithmia AI Layer.

2019 homepage

The new 2019 Algorithmia homepage (above) and the new authenticated platform (below).

New Algorithmia UI

Whitney Garrett