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Following the release of the 2020 State of Enterprise Machine Learning report, we created an interactive data visualization so anyone can explore the survey data, conduct analysis, and see how a company’s machine learning efforts compare to others like it. 

The State of Enterprise Machine Learning (ML) experience shares eight questions that were posed in our survey and the associated results. After exploring the data, download the full report to read our assessments and predictions about where ML development is headed.

Explore the data three different ways

Our report shares findings from nearly 750 survey respondents whom we polled in the fall of 2019. However, if you want to see how other companies of a similar size to yours are using machine learning, the interactive experience allows you to test your own hypotheses and arrive at findings tailored to you.

The interactive experience lets you filter by industry, company size, or job title to see “slices” of the data.

Using the interactive experience

  1. Scroll down the page to see the graphic visualizations and how the data break down generally.
  2. Then apply a filter (specify it further, if desired). Scroll to see how the data changes.
  3. Hover over graphs for specific percentages.
  4. Refer to the report to glean more insight into the current and future state of ML.

We intend the interactive experience to provide details about how long it takes a specific job type or industry to deploy a machine learning model, what the state of ML maturity is for companies of a specific size, and whether or not certain industries are leading the ML charge.

Insights like these can be the impetus for new machine learning stories and journeys.  

Go to the interactive experience

Where is machine learning development headed?

The 2020 survey data and report confirms that ML in the enterprise is progressing at a lightning pace. Though the majority of companies are still in the early stages of developing ML maturity, it is incorrect to think there is time to delay ML development at your company. 

Algorithmia is committed to adding to this interactive experience every year after we conduct our State of Enterprise Machine Learning survey. Read the full report for a year-over-year comparison with 2018; patterns are already starting to emerge. And stay tuned for next year’s data.

If your organization is not currently ML–oriented, know that your competitors are. Now is the time to future-proof your organization with AI/ML. Get ahead of the competition with Algorithmia

Mel Grant