As a Seattle-based company, it feels like we’ve been hearing and talking about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) for a while now. And one thing is very clear, it is not going away quickly and will continue to impact individuals, families, communities, and businesses. 

We are very mindful that this is a time of flux. However, we want to let you know what we’re doing to keep our business operating at the highest level to best serve our customers while keeping our employees safe, healthy, and available to support the business. 

What we’re doing as a company:

Business continuity plan.  We have a BCP in place and are operating at 100 percent support capacity as a result of our plan. If you need anything, we’re all here to help.

Work from home for all employees. We’ve been a remote-friendly company since employee #4, and now we’re all a part of the remote team. Beginning 5 March, we asked all employees to work from home and not come into the office. We are continually assessing this requirement, and right now this is planned through 27 March.

Virtual meetings. We have transitioned to an all-virtual meeting space both internally and externally, and we are accommodating time zones and working hours.

Business travel reductions. Beginning 1 March, we canceled all work-related international travel. For domestic travel, we have asked employees to consider virtual options where possible and use their best judgment.

Hygiene and illness practices. We have always actively implored employees to stay home when they are sick and we encourage them now to take precautions to prevent spreading any illnesses. We’re continuing to remind everyone to practice good hand hygiene and follow local social interaction mandates. 

We want to thank you for your continued business and we hope that you and your community are staying safe. If there is anything we can do to support you and your team during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you,

The Algorithmia Team