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6 May 2021
4 min read
We’ve expanded our SCM integrations to include GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud, and Bitbucket Server so you can implement best practices for machine learning across the lifecycle. read more
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15 April 2016
13 min read
Natural language processing algorithms are a web developer’s best friend. These powerful tools easily integrate into apps, projects, and prototypes to extract insights and help developers understand text-based content. We’ve put together a collection of the most common NLP algorithms...
14 April 2016
2 min read
Artificial intelligence is set to hit the mainstream, thanks to improved machine learning tools, cheaper processing power, and a steep decline in the cost of cloud storage. As a result, firms are piling into the AI market, and pushing the pace of AI development across a range of fields. “Given...
13 April 2016
< 1 min read
Last week SpaceX, the Elon Musk space company, successfully landed their Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship for the first time last week. The rocket landed vertically on a barge floating in choppy waters out in the Atlantic Ocean. Bloomberg calls the landing a “moon walk” moment for the...
11 April 2016
< 1 min read
You might have heard: Google unveiled their new machine learning platform to “pour ML all over the cloud.” The moves makes TensorFlow available to developers to do machine learning in the cloud with their own data. Machine learning is developing fast, and “what will distinguish the...
9 April 2016
5 min read
This is an excerpt from the post On AlphaGo, Intuition, and the Master Objective Function, by Jason Toy, founder of Somatic.io. For more, visit his blog. It is another great milestone in Artificial Intelligence that computers are now able to beat humans in the game of Go. The DeepMind/Google team came...
7 April 2016
< 1 min read
“An entirely new way of interacting with our world is emerging,” writes Matt Turck from FirstMark Capital. “The Internet of Things is about the transformation of any physical object into a digital data product.” The 2016 Internet of Things is occurring in five areas: the connected...
6 April 2016
< 1 min read
You May Have Heard: Instagram is moving to an algorithmically curated feed soon. This could be a good thing for users, but it’s worrisome for brands, Re/Code writes. While algorithmic feeds may save us from information overload, the New Statesman asks: Are these the curators we want? Related,...
5 April 2016
< 1 min read
Virtual reality and augmented reality are on the cusp of going mainstream. Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony’s PlayStation VR will all release VR headsets this year. Not to mention HoloLens, Microsoft’s slick augmented reality headset that “blends computer-generated imagery...
30 March 2016
2 min read
Artificial Intelligence represents the next chapter of the Information Age, and Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and others are engaging in an arms race to control the platform that dictate tech’s future writes the New York Times. “The relationship between big companies and deep machine...
29 March 2016
2 min read
You Might Have Heard: The Microsoft AI experiment with Tay, their machine learning Twitter bot, ended after a mere 24-hours. The company pulled the plug when she almost immediately turned into a sexist, racist Nazi. Tay was suppose to learn how to communicate like a human by engaging in conversations...