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17 August 2021
3 min read
Today, we’re excited to share the publication of a new report from O’Reilly, The Framework for ML Governance. Download it for free now. read more
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15 November 2016
4 min read
Issue 31 This week we take a deep dive into augmented reality and try on Snapchat Spectacles, we learn how easy it is to steal your face with some cardboard glasses, and why Apple’s working on their own Google Glass project.  Plus, we check out Facebook’s new photo filters, and what AI...
12 November 2016
4 min read
Unstructured text content is rich with information, but it’s not always easy to find what’s relevant to you. With the enormous amount of data that comes from social media, email, blogs, news and academic articles, it becomes increasingly hard to extract, categorize, and learn from that information. While...
11 November 2016
2 min read
We’re pleased to announce that Algorithmia supports Git for algorithm development. Now, when developing an algorithm, you have the option to work locally in your preferred code editor. Simply git clone your algorithm and start working in the environment you’re comfortable with. Here’s documentation...
10 November 2016
3 min read
R is a great tool for exploring data. Prototyping is fast and the language is expressive. But, there aren’t many options for deploying R models and routines in production. This is partly because R is slow. What it gains in flexibility it sacrifices in performance. This makes it difficult to operationalize...
8 November 2016
4 min read
Issue 30 This week we check out the the government’s open source projects, how Google DeepMind is learning to play StarCraft II, and what CMU is doing to improve the ethics of artificial intelligence. Plus, our top projects to try at home, and our favorite articles from the past week. ???? Sharing...
4 November 2016
9 min read
Deep Learning is at the cutting edge of what machines can do, and developers and business leaders absolutely need to understand what it is and how it works. This unique type of algorithm has far surpassed any previous benchmarks for classification of images, text, and voice. It also powers some of the...
3 November 2016
3 min read
Let’s say you’ve created an awesome application that colorizes images. Everybody loves it, but some users are getting errors. You realize they’re trying to pass a URL to a webpage with an image on it, instead of a direct path to the image itself. Your app is expecting a .JPG, or...
1 November 2016
4 min read
Issue 29 This week we check out Microsoft’s Cognitive Toolkit, watch artsy AI videos, learn about Elon Musk’s new solar roofs, and look at how Uber’s slipped into autonomous trucking. Plus, our top projects to try at home, and our favorite articles from the past week are down at the...
31 October 2016
7 min read
Today’s developers often hear about leveraging machine learning algorithms in order to build more intelligent applications, but many don’t know where to start. One of the most important aspects of developing smart applications is to understand the underlying machine learning models, even if you aren’t...
28 October 2016
4 min read
Today, we’re excited to announce full development support for R on Algorithmia with our new CRAN package. R users now have access to Algorithmia’s library of more than 2,500 algorithmic microservices via the client. With the new client, R users can now deploy their predictive models and analytical...