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6 August 2020
5 min read
Computing has the power to do some of the things that the human brain can do, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. One of those advances is text processing, which also relates to natural language processing. This article is a deep dive into what text processing is and how it can generate value... read more
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6 June 2018
5 min read
Source: Timo Elliott Asking your Data Scientists to deploy their Machine Learning models at scale is like having your graphic designers decide which sorting algorithm to use; it’s not a good skill fit. The fact of the matter is that in 2018, the standard Data Science curriculum doesn’t prepare students...
29 May 2018
9 min read
Source: turnoff.us Deploying machine learning models at scale is one of the most pressing challenges faced by the community of data scientists today, and as ML models get more complex, it’s only getting harder. The most common way machine learning gets deployed today is on powerpoint slides. We estimate...
23 May 2018
20 min read
Anyone who is interested in deep learning has likely gotten their hands dirty at some point playing around with Tensorflow, Google’s open source deep learning framework. Tensorflow has a lot of benefits like wide-scale adoption, deployment on mobile, and support for distributed computing, but it...
16 May 2018
19 min read
User experience and customer support are integral to every company’s success. But it’s not easy to understand what users are thinking or how they are feeling, even when you read every single user message that comes in through feedback forms or customer support software. With Natural Language...
14 May 2018
15 min read
We only understand a sliver of how the human brain works, but we do know that it often learns through trial and error. We’re rewarded when we do good things and punished when we do the wrong ones; that’s how we figure out how to live. Reinforcement learning puts computational power behind that exact...
8 May 2018
< 1 min read
 Our CEO Diego spoke last week at Collision down in New Orleans. The panel with NODE‘s Falon Fatemi, Portworx’s Murli Thirumale and Tom Komkov covered topics ranging from the pressures inherent in growth financing to what the panelists would do differently over the past 12 months. Share...
7 May 2018
11 min read
Image source: Deep Ideas If you remember anything from Calculus (not a trivial feat), it might have something to do with optimization. Finding the best numerical solution to a given problem is an important part of many branches in mathematics, and Machine Learning is no exception. Optimizers, combined...
30 April 2018
4 min read
Developers are the heart of Algorithmia’s marketplace: every day, you create and share amazing algorithms, build upon and remix each others’ work, and provide critical feedback which helps us to improve as a service. Thanks to you, we have over 5000 algorithms and 60,000 individuals working together...
30 April 2018
8 min read
The loss function is the bread and butter of modern machine learning; it takes your algorithm from theoretical to practical and transforms neural networks from glorified matrix multiplication into deep learning. This post will explain the role of loss functions and how they work, while surveying a few...
26 April 2018
5 min read
Two of the most interesting things potentially ever are happening in our lifetime: the rise of machine learning and the blockchain revolution. Machine Learning (ML) systems have been able to surpass humans in many problem domains. These systems are now better at lip reading, speech recognition, location...