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21 September 2020
4 min read
Algorithmia enables data science teams to deploy models from many different model training platforms, including Amazon SageMaker. SageMaker provides different components such as notebooks and training jobs that enable developers and data scientists to build and train machine learning models. The ability... read more
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12 December 2018
3 min read
Sometimes the best advertising is a small, nondescript company name etched onto an equally nondescript door in a back alley, only accessible by foot traffic. Lucky for us, Paul Borza of TalentSort—a recruiting search engine that mines open-source code and ranks software engineers based on their skills—was...
7 December 2018
4 min read
As 2018 comes to a close, we’d like to take a look back to see how our readers have interacted with our blog, which articles were the most read, and what that could tell us about the field of machine learning writ large. We know 2019 will be a year of tremendous progress in tech, and we’re...
30 November 2018
4 min read
At Algorithmia, we’ve always been maniacally focused on the deployment of machine learning models at scale. Our research shows that deploying algorithms is the main challenge for most organizations exploring how machine learning can optimize their business. In a survey we conducted this year, more...
21 November 2018
2 min read
At Algorithmia, we have much to be thankful for—it’s even one of our core tenets. So in light of Thanksgiving, we have compiled a list of all that we’re particularly appreciative of this year. Some of our staff are thankful for the little things—snacks and a dog-friendly office—and...
15 November 2018
2 min read
Machine learning can automate business processes, but maybe more importantly, it can improve customer experience—just look at Cimpress. Cimpress, the parent company of VistaPrint, is one of the foremost aggregators of customized merchandise in the world with more than 10,000 employees spanning multiple...
14 November 2018
2 min read
At Algorithmia, we strive first and foremost to meet customer needs, and we’re releasing a new feature within the AI Layer to help you conduct model comparison. Model Evaluations is a machine learning tool that lets you create a process for running models concurrently to gauge performance. You can...
25 October 2018
5 min read
In part two of our blog series about machine learning in the enterprise, we talk briefly about some of the most common use cases for machine learning. Larger companies produced the widest variety of use cases, however, there was no one single area of focus. Despite such varied answers on where companies...
18 October 2018
5 min read
Key Findings in a Survey of 500+ Machine Learning Professionals Earlier this year we set out to understand how organizations are reacting and adapting to machine learning, its rate of adoption in the marketplace, and how the industry is evolving. We wanted to understand what our customers’ challenges...
4 October 2018
9 min read
The language you use to create a model can make it easier or harder to deploy into production. While the R programming language makes it easy to compare different models against each other and makes data exploration and visualization a breeze using R Studio, it’s not always the easiest language to...
27 August 2018
8 min read
The best manufacturers in the world are using machine learning to automate, improve, and evolve their factory lines. Machine learning can reduce emissions, help monitor equipment and flag anomalies, and automate manual work: all without the need for teams of hundreds. This post will explain how to get...