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11 September 2020
4 min read
A machine learning framework is an interface that allows developers to build and deploy machine learning models faster and easier. A tool like this allows enterprises to scale their machine learning efforts securely while maintaining a healthy ML lifecycle. read more
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13 June 2019
2 min read
We spend a lot of time focused on giving data scientists the best experience for deploying their machine learning models. We think they should not only use the best tools for the job, they should also be able to integrate their work easily with other tools. Today we’ll highlight one such integration:...
14 May 2019
3 min read
We are extremely thankful for our customers and their trust in us, and we want to share this news with them first and foremost. This funding enables us to double-down on developing the infrastructure to scale and accelerate their machine learning efforts.  We are also thrilled to welcome Norwest Venture...
1 May 2019
4 min read
Every quarter, we talk with more than a hundred companies working to productionize their machine learning. We see a clear path out of the stage many companies cannot get past: operationalizing the model deployment process. The problem Massive effort goes into any well-trained model—research shows that...
8 April 2019
7 min read
For all the time that it takes to clean your data, train and test your model, then tune your model hyperparmeters, and further re-train and test your model, you’re not done until it’s deployed into production. Because what good is a model that’s just sitting on your laptop? In this tutorial,...
14 March 2019
3 min read
Algorithmia developers unveiled a new UI on our user platform this week. Now, when you log into Algorithmia, you’ll see a personalized dashboard with your account information and recent activity, enabling easy account management and navigation. This change comes about as we mark the four-year anniversary...
21 February 2019
5 min read
Asking a data scientist to work with only one framework is like asking a carpenter to work with only a hammer. It’s essential that professionals have access to all the right tools for the job. It’s time to rethink best practices for leveraging and building ML infrastructure and set the precedent...
5 February 2019
2 min read
Algorithmia’s AI Layer Powers the UN Methods Service Algorithmia is renewing its commitment to global humanitarian efforts by making powerful ML tools available to everyone. Economic and population data are key elements of planning and decision-making in first-world countries, but access to sophisticated...
17 January 2019
5 min read
Machine learning (ML) will drastically alter how many industries operate in the future. Natural language processing will enable seamless and instantaneous language translation, forecasting algorithms will help predict environmental trends, and computer vision will revolutionize the driverless car industry....
20 December 2018
2 min read
Azure Blob and Google Cloud Storage In an effort to constantly improve products for our customers, this month we introduced two additional data providers into Algorithmia’s data abstraction service: Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage. This update allows algorithm developers to read and write...
12 December 2018
3 min read
Sometimes the best advertising is a small, nondescript company name etched onto an equally nondescript door in a back alley, only accessible by foot traffic. Lucky for us, Paul Borza of TalentSort—a recruiting search engine that mines open-source code and ranks software engineers based on their skills—was...