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1 July 2020
3 min read
Today we are excited to showcase several new features and upgrades to the Algorithmia Enterprise platform, most notably around management and governance of machine learning systems. Repost of Aithority press release: Algorithmia, a leader in ML Operations & Management, announces a series of upgrades... read more
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14 November 2018
2 min read
At Algorithmia, we strive first and foremost to meet customer needs, and we’re releasing a new feature within the AI Layer to help you conduct model comparison. Model Evaluations is a machine learning tool that lets you create a process for running models concurrently to gauge performance. You can...
25 October 2018
5 min read
In part two of our blog series about machine learning in the enterprise, we talk briefly about some of the most common use cases for machine learning. Larger companies produced the widest variety of use cases, however, there was no one single area of focus. Despite such varied answers on where companies...
18 October 2018
5 min read
Key Findings in a Survey of 500+ Machine Learning Professionals Earlier this year we set out to understand how organizations are reacting and adapting to machine learning, its rate of adoption in the marketplace, and how the industry is evolving. We wanted to understand what our customers’ challenges...
4 October 2018
9 min read
The language you use to create a model can make it easier or harder to deploy into production. While the R programming language makes it easy to compare different models against each other and makes data exploration and visualization a breeze using R Studio, it’s not always the easiest language to...
27 August 2018
8 min read
The best manufacturers in the world are using machine learning to automate, improve, and evolve their factory lines. Machine learning can reduce emissions, help monitor equipment and flag anomalies, and automate manual work: all without the need for teams of hundreds. This post will explain how to get...
20 August 2018
8 min read
You’ve heard about Artificial Intelligence in everything from airplanes to toasters and you’ve wondered how to get those benefits into your WordPress website. Well, wonder no more! I’ve created a WordPress plugin that integrates with Algorithmia that is easy to extend to any AI algorithm...
13 August 2018
8 min read
Source: PCMag Customer Service is likely one of the most complex and frustrating parts of your business, but it doesn’t have to be. Machine Learning is making strides in automating and improving parts of the Customer Service (CS) stack quickly, like auto-routing tickets to the right agent or improving...
6 August 2018
6 min read
Source: TDS If your neural nets are getting larger and larger but your training sets aren’t, you’re going to hit an accuracy wall. If you want to train better models with less data, I’ve got good news for you. Dataset augmentation – the process of applying simple and complex transformations like...
2 August 2018
7 min read
Source: Case Engineering Diagnostics is part of the core of healthcare—research suggests a third of all Healthcare AI SaaS companies are tackling just this sector. Machine learning models can automate parts of the diagnostic stack, aid doctors in deciding how to interpret tests and reports, and greatly...
30 July 2018
6 min read
Source: TDS We recently went into detail about the Document Classifier algorithm in our spotlight. That’s all fine and good, but it’s not immediately clear what can you do with it. In this post, we’ll focus on potential use cases. We’ll start with a quick refresher on what this algorithm...