Diego Oppenheimer, CEO AlgorithmiaIt’s been an exciting and incredibly productive year here at Algorithmia. As we kickoff 2016, I want to look back at everything we accomplished in 2015.

First, I want to thank our community of more than 15,000 algorithm and application developers for their support – it has been an amazing experience. We’re honored by everybody that signed-up, used us in your applications, and added algorithms to the platform. We’re truly thankful for this unique community.

These are the major milestones we crossed in 2015:

Algorithmia Algorithms


Algorithmia Launches

Algorithmia leaves private beta and publicly launches, introducing a community built around the algorithm economy, where state-of-the-art algorithms are always live, and accessible by everyone. The algorithm marketplace launches with over 800 algorithms, 3,500 users, and an API for leveraging the building blocks of human intelligence in your apps.

Algorithmia Algorithms


How to Build Your Own Google

Algorithms on Algorithmia are like Legos, where they can be mixed and matched to explore the web algorithmically. In this demo, we use Algorithmia to implement PageRank, the algorithm Google was originally based on, to crawl a site, retrieve it as a graph, analyze the connectivity of the graph, and then analyze each node for its contents.

Algorithmia Algorithms


Using Artificial Intelligence to Detect Nudity

We combine artificial intelligence with University research to teach an algorithm to determine if there is nudity in an image. The result is our Nudity Detection algorithm, which uses a combination of nose, face, and skin color detection algorithms to identify if there are people in an image, and if any of them are nude.

Don’t believe us? Try out the demo at isitnude.com.

Algorithmia Algorithms


Navigate Product Hunt Like a Pro

We build a Chrome Extension that uses FP-Growth and Keyword Set Similarity algorithms to surface related products on Product Hunt from users who’ve upvoted the product you’re browsing (i.e. collaborative filtering). Get the Chrome Extension here, and start discovering better products on Product Hunt today.

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AWS Lambda Partnership

Algorithmia teams up with AWS Lambda, enabling developers to build intelligent, serverless apps in minutes by leveraging our built-in Node.js blueprint. In this demo, we show you how to quickly make a serverless photo app to create digital art in less than 300 lines of code using AWS Lambda and Algorithmia.

The #1 Big Data Startup

A panel of judges from Strata + Hadoop World select Algorithmia as the winner of the Startup Showcase based on the team, technology, and innovation from a pool of the 12 leading big data startups.

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Supporting the Innovators of Tomorrow

Algorithmia joins more than 600 student hackers at DubHacks, the largest collegiate hackathon in the Pacific Northwest, as sponsor and participant to help teams build projects, and create solutions to real-world problems.

Content Recommendations Made Simple

We launch Algorithmia Recommends, a free content recommendation plugin for any WordPress or Drupal blog, or website to increase their engagement and retention. Algorithmia Recommends is built on the Breadth First Site Map web crawler algorithm, and powerful natural language processing algorithms Keywords For Document Set and Keyword Set Similarity to find and categorize all the pages on your website in order to help your users find content that’s most relevant to their interests.

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Free eBook Published

Algorithmia launches its first eBook, Five Algorithms Every Web Developer Can Use and Understand, which teaches you how to harness the power of algorithms so you can make every app a smart app. In this short primer, we cover PageRank, Language Detection, Nudity Detection, Sentiment Analysis, and TF-IDF, and how you could implement it today.

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GeekWire: Algorithmia Top Seattle Startup

Algorithmia joins GeekWire’s prestigious, annual list of the 10 most promising early-stage startups in the Seattle area. Our business model gets translated onto a giant six-foot by six-foot cocktail napkin, which is unveiled during GeekWire Gala at the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI).

One of the 10 Coolest Big Data Startups

Algorithmia caps off an incredible year with another award, this time CRN names us one of the coolest big data startups.

Algorithmia Algorithms

On top of those highlights, we also overhauled the Algorithmia UI, introducing a new experience to help users explore algorithms, discover solutions, and help users get started faster. Additionally, we improved our documentation to make using Algorithmia a snap, as well as added clients for CLI, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Scala.

This could have not been achieved without our amazing team Anthony, Besir, John, Jonathan, Kenny, Liz, Matt, Patrick and Zeynep. As well as our awesome 2015 interns Ahmad and Mark.

We’re just getting started, and 2016 is shaping up to be even bigger as we add more algorithms and use cases.

We’re looking forward to another incredible year, and we’re excited to have you along for the journey.

– Diego M. Oppenheimer, CEO

Diego Oppenheimer