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As a data scientist or machine learning engineer, your specialty is building out robust machine learning models. Your purpose is to make a positive impact on your business by offering data insights, reducing costs, increasing revenue, or even generating customer delight.

As your collection of models gets larger, it quickly becomes difficult to manage your code and collaborate with other members of your team unless you are implementing best practices such as version control and using a code repository.

Model management through centralized repositories

A centralized repository increases the visibility of your models so there is less duplication of work and also provides other teams the opportunity to use those models to solve business problems quickly by not reinventing the wheel. 

Algorithmia already provides a centralized repository for your algorithms in production that are backed by Git and served via our REST API. Our platform offers flexibility in where you store your source code and how you interact with your algorithm in your development process.

You can easily host your source code on Algorithmia, either on the Public version or your private Algorithmia Enterprise instance and you can utilize our Web IDE or you can take advantage of our CLI tool and API’s to stay in your local environment of choice

Algorithmia is happy to announce that we have expanded our source code management offerings, adding to the benefits of having a centralized repository for increased model management. And there is more to come.

Github-hosted source code for model management

When multiple users contribute to an algorithm’s development, there can be many points of friction. Conflicts can arise in the code base such as an inability to track what’s changed and who made that change. To organize the development process, enterprises need a centralized source code repository and a set of controls over what code gets implemented and how to track changes. 

When you need to collaborate with other team members on the same algorithm, taking advantage of model management by tracking who has contributed to your code base, who has updated the code and when, and other important auditing features and utilize GitHub features like GitHub Actions, you now can! 

By connecting your Algorithmia and GitHub accounts, you can store your source code on GitHub and deploy it to an algorithm in production on Algorithmia. This way, multiple users can easily contribute to the same algorithm, collaborate on a centralized code base, and ensure code quality with best practices like code reviews through pull requests and issues tracking

You can also take advantage of GitHub’s governance applications around dependency management to ensure that your models aren’t at risk of utilizing package versions with deprecated features. These governance features enhance Algorithmia’s current model management workflow for reproducibility of machine learning models in production.

Getting started

This guide will show you how easy it is to start using GitHub with Algorithmia.

First, click on “Create a New Algorithm” in the Algorithmia Web IDE. If you’ve never created an algorithm before, learn how in the Developer Center

You’ll see a form (pictured below) to fill out, and if you have created algorithms before on Algorithmia, you’ll notice that there are now two options for Repository Host where you can choose your source code. You’ll want to choose the GitHub option and then authorize your account: 

Create an Algorithm web page on Algorithmia

Once your accounts are linked, Algorithmia will be able to create repositories linked to that account. Note that you can create an algorithm under any organization you belong to in GitHub, or under the GitHub user account you connected to:

Create an Algorithm page on Algorithm with accounts successfully linked

After going through the configuration steps to create your algorithm, you’ll get a notification telling you that you’ve successfully created the repository and it will show you your new algorithm in the Web IDE:

Successfully connected GitHub to Algorithmia message

Be aware that when you click on “Source Code” for your new algorithm, you will be redirected to the GitHub repository for that algorithm so you can work in the environment you are most familiar with.

Source code hosted on GitHub

Linking other tools 

Now you can set up GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines or numerous other integrations by using Algorithmia linked with GitHub repositories.

For a full step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with hosting your source code on GitHub, check out our guide for Source Code Management with GitHub.

Source code management and what’s next

With GitHub integrations or hosting your source code on Algorithmia, you can easily take advantage of ML model management best practices. 

We are constantly working on more integrations, including other version control systems and continuous integration pipelines that will enable our users to manage their codebases and deployments seamlessly with Algorithmia. 

Stay tuned for these and other new features that enhance your organization’s ability to connect, deploy, scale, and manage your machine learning pipelines.

Learn more about our other new features in our Release Notes.

Stephanie Kim