Algorithmia launches Teams

We’re excited to announce a new SaaS offering called Algorithmia Teams, a machine learning operations (MLOps) platform for data science and machine learning teams looking to deploy, operate, and connect ML to business value.

Machine learning is a new concept for many companies that promises to bring improvements and optimizations across your organization. In order to capitalize on this, companies are building out data science and machine learning teams but are quickly learning about the gap in infrastructure.

MLOps requires a new set of tooling, infrastructure, and workflows—something many organizations are not ready to handle. This puts data science and machine learning teams into a difficult position. They need to show value to their organization in order to acquire resources for infrastructure, but without proper infrastructure they have trouble showing value.

This leaves DS and ML teams with limited options. Use a free or low cost tool—sacrificing features and scalability, or wait to negotiate an enterprise-wide contract, which may be more than what you currently need. There is no option for teams who need a managed, production-grade ML platform they can operate that allows them the agility to move quickly and the flexibility of a no-term contract.

Algorithmia Teams gives you leverage

We built Algorithmia Teams to fill the ML infrastructure gap. With Teams you get a private workspace on Algorithmia’s cloud hosted MLOps platform. It unlocks the ability for data science teams to control their own destiny, by putting their ML models into production and integrating into applications without jeopardizing company policies or needing additional operational resources. Teams is a solution for the fast moving DS team to manage the cost, quality, and performance of ML in production.

Algorithmia’s platform offers all the features of a full-fledged MLOps platform, and is trusted by over 100,000 users, more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations, US Intelligence, and more.

Algorithmia shortens the time to value for machine learning and allows customers to easily:

  • Deploy – connect, load, catalog, version, and validate models for production
  • Operate – manage costs, control infrastructure usage, and monitor operations, to deliver models and services at high velocity
  • Govern and secure – advanced security and auditability enables rule-based control over users, data, infrastructure, and models

Algorithmia Teams means autonomy and flexibility

With Algorithmia Teams you are no longer dependent on operations to deploy your models into production. Once your model is ready to go you deploy it yourself with a single click of a button. No more DevOps requests and extended wait times. Your team is free to move at their own pace.

Teams also provides a space for secure collaboration. Gone are the days of sending files, passing credentials, and manually versioning. With Teams, all your models, code, and data are accessible by the team to use and develop. Your team can now work together in a centralized location and increase the quality of work they output.

Algorithmia Teams is designed for data science and machine learning teams of any size, and comes in two tiers. The free, Basic tier, is for teams who want to try out the MLOps platform for research, development, or testing purposes. The Teams Pro tier (at $299/month) is designed for teams running production workloads and need 24/7 support with the insurance of an SLO.

Create your Team 

Get started immediately at to create your Team and begin deploying and managing your models.

Teams who sign up today will receive 50,000 seconds of computational usage free, and as a special offer, we’re charging $0.0001/sec for GPU usage, (a 300% discount) for the next 90 days!

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