Today, we’re very happy to announce that we have a new .NET Client in the Algorithmia family of clients! There’s even special bonus for any new developers who join the Algorithmia community: simply use the promo code DotNetLove and you’ll get 500,000 credits to get started with the platform. Signing up is easy and you’ll have an API key within seconds.

Adding Algorithmia .NET Client to Visual Studio Solution

Getting started with the .NET Client couldn’t be easier. There is an official published package on that you can add using Visual Studio’s package manager:

PM> Install-Package Algorithmia.Client

Calling Algorithms from .NET

Now that you have the Algorithmia client added to your solution, you can easily call any algorithm in the marketplace (or any private algorithm that you create for use by your team). There’s a wide breadth of machine learning, text analysis, deep learning, computer vision, and utility microservices available for immediate use.

For example, you can easily run sentiment analysis on a block of text by running just a few lines of C# code:

using Algorithmia;
var client = new Client("YOUR_API_KEY");
// You can find out more about this algorithm at
var algo = client.algo(client, "algo://nlp/SentimentAnalysis");
// The type you pass into the generic method 'pipe' is the type you want to be returned as the result.
var input = "{ "document": "Hello and welcome to the amazing world of artificial intelligence" }"
var response = algo.pipe(input);

You can even combine multiple algorithms together to create algorithm pipelines. We have lots of recipes solving common problems that developers face when creating apps & services… for example, here’s a more in-depth walkthrough of changing multiple algorithms to build a sentiment forecasting pipeline.

There’s so much more you can do with the Algorithmia platform, and we encourage you to start learning by visiting the .NET Client Guide in the Developer Center.

More About Algorithmia

We’ve created an open marketplace for algorithms and algorithm developers, making state-of-the-art algorithms, microservices, and functions accessible & discoverable by everyone. On, algorithms run as containerized microservices that act as the building blocks of algorithmic intelligence developers can use to create, share, and remix at scale as well as leverage as part of their working apps & services.

By making algorithms composable, interoperable, and portable, algorithms can be written in any supported language and then made available to application developers. The code is always live, and available via a simple REST API or our client libraries for .NET, Go, Java, Javascript, Node, PHP, Perl, Python, R, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Swift, and the CLI.

In addition, large organizations and teams can create an organization on, and host their own algorithms privately on the hosted marketplace service.

Running Algorithmia On-Premises in the Enterprise with CODEX

We also offer CODEX for our enterprise customers who want to run a private instance of the Algorithmia platform on any cloud (including Azure & AWS), or on-premises.

Enterprises can take advantage of everything from the platform, to run algorithms developed by internal teams, and to make them easily discoverable across the organization. Those teams will get the same benefits as the hosted service with elastically scaling, managing algorithm versions, and algorithm-execution at production scale.

Useful Links: Algorithmia .NET Client Developer Center | NuGet Package | GitHub Repo

This is just the beginning for the .NET Client and we will be making frequent updates in the future. As always, if you run into any problems, have questions, or ideas feel free to reach out to us or create a new issue on our GitHub repo for the Algorithmia.NET Client.