Spreadsheets are an amazing tool. Whether you cut your teeth on Lotus 1-2-3, grew up with Excel, or hopped straight into the Google Docs universe, spreadsheets have been a key tool for everything from planning your personal finances to mulling over your KPIs.

But, have you ever used a spreadsheet to extract sentiment from your users’ tweets? To perform advanced outlier detection after detrending your sales numbers? Probably not, because most spreadsheet tools didn’t have the power of machine learning baked right in. Until now…

Thanks to some great integration work by Ken Burcham, this power is now at your fingertips! By simply cutting-and-pasting a few bits of code from his repo, you can fire off Algorithmia microservices from directly within your Google Sheets. Now you have the freedom to, right within your spreadsheet, utilize our cloud-scaled machine learning and utility algorithms, such as:

Try it out now!  Create a free account at Algorithmia, then follow Ken’s step-by-step guide at https://github.com/kenburcham/algorithmia-google