Text classification

Parsing texts to extract data a computer can analyze for applications such as sentiment analysis, language translation, and spam detection.

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2 September 2020
11 min read
XGBoost is a popular library among machine learning practitioners, known for its high performance and memory efficient implementation of gradient boosted decision trees. Since training and evaluating machine learning models on Jupyter notebooks is also a popular practice, we’ve developed a step-by-step...
6 August 2020
5 min read
Computing has the power to do some of the things that the human brain can do, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. One of those advances is text processing, which also relates to natural language processing. This article is a deep dive into what text processing is and how it can generate value...
19 January 2017
7 min read
In a recent post we introduced an automatic text summarizer algorithm that summarizes documents with a quick API call. Using a text summarizer allows you to swiftly parse through articles, PDFs, and other documents. But, sometimes getting the content can be just as difficult as summarizing the document. Luckily,...
6 January 2017
5 min read
Sifting through lots of documents can be difficult and time consuming. Without an abstract or summary, it can take minutes just to figure out what the heck someone is talking about in a paper or report. And, if you need to get through hundreds of documents – good luck. Summarizer is an algorithm that...
12 November 2016
4 min read
Unstructured text content is rich with information, but it’s not always easy to find what’s relevant to you. With the enormous amount of data that comes from social media, email, blogs, news and academic articles, it becomes increasingly hard to extract, categorize, and learn from that information. While...
8 September 2016
6 min read
The LDA microservice is a quick and useful implementation of MALLET, a machine learning language toolkit for Java. This topic modeling package automatically finds the relevant topics in unstructured text data. The Algorithmia implementation makes LDA available as a REST API, and removes the need...
25 August 2016
7 min read
This is a guest post by Barend Rijn, a 16-year-old Python enthusiast. Want to contribute your own how-to post? Let us know contact us here. I heard about Algorithmia when their Colorize It demo was featured on Product Hunt. I’m an aspiring developer, and immediately fell in love with the way they...
9 December 2015
14 min read
We’ve just wrapped up November, which means aspiring writers all over the world are frantically typing away in an attempt to finish an entire novel in one month as part of National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. Each November, participants aim to write 50,000 words on a 30 day deadline–a...