Machine learning

Algorithms that independently learn to make predictions and decisions after training on datasets instead of being explicitly programmed.

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24 January 2020
5 min read
AI software enters business workflow When we hear the term AI software, some of us think of a futuristic world where machine learning has taken artificial intelligence to extreme levels. Fortunately, today’s AI services provide tools for all types of businesses to interact with complex data.  AI...
22 January 2020
7 min read
Photo by Lysander Yuen Data scientists and machine learning engineers often encounter a disconnect between what they learned (in school, a bootcamp, or independently), and how this knowledge is applied in their work. For instance, you may be proficient in R or Python, but still be usure how the code...
13 January 2020
4 min read
Machine learning model security is not discussed enough. In serverless GPU–attached environments, block storage solutions like S3 are dependable for persisting your model files. Other than the URI, no other relevant information regarding the model file is saved in the source code.  This exposes an...
7 January 2020
5 min read
The early stages of machine learning saw experiments involving theories of computers recognizing patterns in data and learning from them. Today, after building upon those foundational experiments, machine learning is more complex.  While machine learning algorithms have been around for a long time,...
7 January 2020
8 min read
Analytic thinking has become a necessary skill for almost everyone working in a business environment. Although data scientists and analysts may be more intimately involved in handling and manipulating data, managers, executives, and other business leaders will be the ones making decisions based on a...
2 January 2020
3 min read
DevOps Engineers are delighted when they find a product or service that fits in with their already refined CI/CD processes. When we choose a new pipeline tool, engineers depend on a number of factors. Ease of use, repeatable processes, and a solid support model are key. Choosing a continuous integration...
27 December 2019
5 min read
Outside of regression, multi-class classification is probably the most common machine learning task. Learn how to properly use it in building machine learning models.
24 December 2019
6 min read
Machine learning is providing enterprise-level solutions and careers for many companies. It is quite a broad field, however, and comprises many subcategories and countless uses. So what exactly is machine learning, how and why is it used, and what companies are using it? Let’s dive into those questions...
17 December 2019
6 min read
As more organizations incorporate AI and machine learning in to their processes, data scientists and analysts must continue to learn about how these techniques solve business problems. Previously on this blog we discussed how particular algorithms may be more appropriate for particular research questions...
13 December 2019
5 min read
Types of machine learning Machine learning comes in three basic types: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning follows a different paradigm from the other two, so we’ll leave it for another post.  The most common form of machine learning, and the most prototypical,...