Machine learning recipes

Walk throughs and demonstrations of machine learning applications with code snippets and repo guidance.

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27 June 2019
4 min read
Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the fastest evolving branches in machine learning and among the most fundamental. It has applications in diplomacy, aviation, big data sentiment analysis, language translation, customer service, healthcare, policing and criminal justice, and countless other...
2 July 2018
4 min read
Slack is one of the fastest growing companies of all time, and there’s a good chance it’s also the messaging app that you use for work. The Algorithmia Slack Client lets you integrate Machine Learning into your Slack channels – both as slack commands and as bot users – giving you more firepower...
27 June 2018
4 min read
Source: Wikipedia Despite only making it into the political mainstream recently, crowd size estimation has always been an important task for corporate development, retail planning, and resource allocation. It helps property owners and event organizers predict demand, understand utilization of physical...
23 May 2018
20 min read
Anyone who is interested in deep learning has likely gotten their hands dirty at some point playing around with Tensorflow, Google’s open source deep learning framework. Tensorflow has a lot of benefits like wide-scale adoption, deployment on mobile, and support for distributed computing, but it...
16 May 2018
19 min read
User experience and customer support are integral to every company’s success. But it’s not easy to understand what users are thinking or how they are feeling, even when you read every single user message that comes in through feedback forms or customer support software. With Natural Language...
14 May 2018
15 min read
We only understand a sliver of how the human brain works, but we do know that it often learns through trial and error. We’re rewarded when we do good things and punished when we do the wrong ones; that’s how we figure out how to live. Reinforcement learning puts computational power behind that exact...
16 April 2018
6 min read
Twitter isn’t just my favorite way to waste time when my boss isn’t looking––it’s also a powerful data source for understanding what your customers are saying about you. Getting access to Twitter data for analysis is easy with the Algorithmia platform, and this post will walk you through how...
10 April 2018
13 min read
    Many of the exciting applications in Machine Learning have to do with images, which means they’re likely built using Convolutional Neural Networks (or CNNs). This type of algorithm has been shown to achieve impressive results in many computer vision tasks and is a must-have part of any...
9 April 2018
12 min read What do you do when your dataset doesn’t have any labels? Unsupervised learning is a group of machine learning algorithms and approaches that work with this kind of “no-ground-truth” data. This post will walk through what unsupervised...
19 March 2018
12 min read
Machine Learning is about making predictions. This post will give an introduction to Machine Learning through a problem that most businesses face: predicting customer churn.