Deep learning

A subgroup of machine learning concerned with processing vast amounts of unstructured data in a nonlinear manner much like how a human brain learns.

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17 November 2016
8 min read
Deep learning is a machine learning technique used to solve complex problems related to image recognition, natural language processing, and more. It requires both massive amounts of data and computational power.  The compute problem has been solved largely by GPUs, which have become essential for...
4 November 2016
9 min read
Deep Learning is at the cutting edge of what machines can do, and developers and business leaders absolutely need to understand what it is and how it works. This unique type of algorithm has far surpassed any previous benchmarks for classification of images, text, and voice. It also powers some of the...
27 July 2016
2 min read
When we created the Colorize It demo, we were just trying to show off how Algorithmia can now host and distribute trained deep learning models that use GPUs in the cloud. As it turns out, a lot of people are interested in colorizing black and white photos. Our colorization microservice ended...
13 July 2016
5 min read
If you’ve ever worked with deep learning frameworks you know they require a good amount of time, knowledge and, most of all, commitment just to get them up and running on your machine. And, that’s before you’ve even built your model or trained your data. This assumes you have a GPU-enabled...
21 June 2016
5 min read
Issue 14 This week we check in on Twitter’s machine learning plans, ask if deep learning is magic or just math, celebrate the latest net neutrality ruling, and share some videos to watch. Plus, what we’re reading and a few things for you to try at home.  Not a subscriber? Join the Emergent...
7 June 2016
5 min read
Issue 12 This week we recap Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends Report, and check in on Facebook’s latest AI project. Prepare to be shocked by Elon Musk’s wildest ideas yet (spoiler: you live in a video game, and we’re going to Mars!), and a researcher used a neural network to...