Full stack enabled application with Algorithmia

Are you an experienced fullstack developer looking to bring machine learning to your apps? Or are you an ML expert who wants to build a website to have a place to show off your models? In any event, the process of bringing AI to applications can be laborious and confusing—but it doesn’t have to be!

Algorithmia has created a complete end-to-end tutorial to demonstrate how you can quickly build a modern ML−enabled web application using the following popular technologies:

Course Specs

In our walkthrough example, we start from ground zero, showing you how to install and connect each of these technologies. From there, we build up each layer of the application, writing our backend logic, building out the presentation layer, and connecting to powerful serverless ML algorithms. 

By the end of the walkthrough, you’ll have an app skeleton for managing user profiles, enhanced by nudity-detection algorithms and auto-cropping models to create safe, automatic profile images. Use this as the basis for your next AI-powered app or take your newly acquired expertise and apply it to your own project with your favorite tech stack.

screenshot from within Algorithmia application

You can continue building out your app by adding any of Algorithmia’s 9,000+ serverless functions, or build your own ML pipelines right on the Algorithmia platform, connecting multiple powerful components together to create complex workflows callable by your app or service. 

Detect objects in an image, then search Twitter for relevant quotes, ranking them by sentiment score. Build a roommate-finder or dating tool to ensure stable matchups, automatically detect age, gender, and even emotion in user profiles—as only a few examples. Or build your own machine learning model to work standalone or in combination with any algorithm on the platform.

Visit Algorithmia’s Learning Center

Ready to jump in? Start the free, interactive course today: Building a Fullstack App with Algorithmia. It is just one of the course offerings in Algorithmia’s new Learning Center.

Check back often as the Learning Center is always growing. Explore dozens of free courses and acquire skills to improve your dev capabilities. Right now you can learn how to add serverless ML to your applications, manage data, deploy your own ML models with hands-on Scikit-learn and TensorFlow walkthroughs, and a lot more!

The Learning Center is housed within algorithmia.com and offers trainings on using Algorithmia’s AI Layer—a machine learning model deployment and management platform. The AI Layer makes it easy to deploy models as scalable microservices, regardless of framework, language, or data source.