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28 April 2017
< 1 min read
Once upon a time, site mappers were arcane scripts which could take hours or days to examine a single website.  But, thanks to scalable & interoperable cloud algorithms, it now takes only minutes… and includes a multitude of handy features powered by machine learning: auto-tagging, summarization,...
24 April 2017
25 min read
Algorithmia was delighted to speak at Seattle’s Building Intelligent Applications meetup last month.  We provided attendees with an introductory view of machine learning, walked through a bit of sample code, touched on deep learning, and talked about about various tools for training and deploying...
19 April 2017
< 1 min read
You may already know that Algorithmia hosts scalable deep learning models. If you are a developer, you’ve seen how easy it is to run over 3,000 microservices through any of our supported languages and frameworks. But sometimes it’s nice just to play with a simple demo. The Deep Fashion microservice...
23 February 2017
5 min read
When we look at an image, it’s fairly easy to detect the horizon line. For computers, this task is somewhat more difficult: they need to understand the basic structure of the image, locate edges which might indicate a horizon, and pare out the edges which do not matter. Fortunately, Algorithmia boils...
14 February 2017
6 min read
If you read our recent post on language detection, you already know how easy it is to use Algorithmia’s services to identify which language a given piece of text is written in. Now let’s put that into action to perform a specific task: organizing documents into language-specific folders. We’ll...