The current state of artificial intelligence in 2016

Artificial Intelligence represents the next chapter of the Information Age, and Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and others are engaging in an arms race to control the platform that dictate tech’s future writes the New York Times. “The relationship between big companies and deep machine intelligence is just starting.”

So, what counts as artificially intelligent anyway? The Verge explains the difference between machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks, how they work, and why the future of AI is likely to be more subtle than you think. The next wave in technology isn’t about the technology, but rather the market that emerges from the technology.

Deep learning is “a killer technology,” Nvidia’s CEO says in a Fortune article that covers all things AI, data centers, autonomous vehicles, and more. While AI is still in its infancy, the road to super intelligent apps and machines is starting to come into focus.

When you’re ready to deeply learn more, this eBook will teach you how to use deep learning to solve problems related to image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing.

tl;dr A Googler explains deep learning in just one minute

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