Wow! This morning we were selected as this year’s Startup Showcase winner at Strata + Hadoop World NY 2015. The panel of judges chose Algorithmia as the winner based on our team, technology, and innovations.


It’s an honor to take part in this competition, where 12 of the top big data startups demonstrated their technologies to a room packed full of investors, entrepreneurs, and researchers. 

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Three other companies stood apart from the rest, including second-place, third-place, and the audience favorite, Blue Talon.

About Algorithmia:

Build brilliant apps with Algorithmia, the largest marketplace for algorithms in the world. We help application developers solve complex problems with ease and efficiency by making algorithmic intelligence approachable and accessible in less than 5-lines of code.

Algorithmia unlocks the building blocks of human understanding, helping you make every app a smart app. Use Algorithmia to recognize patterns in your data, extract visual knowledge, understand audio, classify unstructured data, and derive meaning from language. Focus on what matters most, and let Algorithmia take care of the rest


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