Introducing the first Kisaco Leadership Chart on machine learning lifecycle solutions. Algorithmia participated in this rigorous independent analyst review of six machine learning lifecycle enterprise solutions and was recognized as Market Leader.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is out of the laboratory and is now in the realm of practical engineering applications. AI engineering today is largely about running machine learning (ML) models on digital computers, and these models are typically simulations of brain-inspired models such as neural networks. For enterprises looking to build and deploy ML applications, there are multiple hurdles to overcome: team skills, team collaboration, maturity of deployment process, industrialization of ML application development lifecycle, monitoring production and managing change and updates. While many of these steps and concepts are familiar to software engineers, they are novel to data science teams and line of business teams. The parallel between ML application development and software application development only goes so far as the former has quite distinct requirements.”

The review was conducted by Michael Azoff, Chief Analyst at Kisaco Research. Michael, a long time industry analyst, spent 17 years at Ovum as Distinguished Analyst before joining Kisaco Research to build out their analyst capabilities. Kisaco Research is well known for its AI Hardware Summit. In launching their technology analysis business, Kisaco Research created the Kisaco Leadership Chart that provides an analysis of technology vendors by categorizing them as Emerging Player, Innovator, Contender, and Leader.  

For the Kisaco Leadership Chart on machine learning lifecycle solutions, there are three scoring dimensions:

  • X-axis – represents the technical features assessment, which is the aggregated score of data science, ML design and development, production operations, and security and integrations 
  • Y-axis – represents market execution and strategy score which is comprised of the number of business reach and customer engagement assessments
  • Circle size – represents market revenue

Kisaco leadership chart

Algorithmia is identified in the report as a Market Leader for “an excellent all-round performance, in features and also in market execution” and our “history in supplying defense agencies with emphasis on secure systems.”

We invite you to download the report to learn more about the key findings of the category as well as a detailed analysis of why Algorithmia was recognized as Market Leader.