Algorithmia, along with 25+ fellow leaders in the AI and ML space, is excited to announce the founding of the AI Infrastructure Alliance. Learn more in this blog post.

Algorithmia joins the AI Infrastructure Alliance as a founding member

Algorithmia, along with 25+ fellow leaders in the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) space, is excited to announce the founding of the AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA), a non-profit organization with a mission to create a robust collaboration environment for companies and communities in the AI and ML space.

Partnerships in the Alliance will help create a Canonical Stack for AI, by driving strong engineering standards and creating seamless integration points between various layers of the AI infrastructure ecosystem. Canonical means “a set of rules, standards and principles by which something is judged,” and a Canonical Stack (CS) for AI will set the standard for how enterprises develop and design machine learning models at scale. It will let data scientists and data engineers move up the stack to solve more complex, higher order problems, instead of reinventing the wheel on every data science project.

Algorithmia’s 2021 enterprise trends in machine learning report revealed that year-on-year, 83% of enterprises have increased their AI/ML budgets and the average number of data scientists employed has increased by 76%. However, organizations are still struggling to extract value from those ML investments—in fact, the report revealed that despite these gains, companies are spending more time and resources on model deployment, not less. What’s needed is the right tools and processes to help enterprises unlock the value in their ML investments.

The AI and ML space currently lacks a standard set of tools and solutions, blocking data science teams from sharing their work and collaborating across the world. Rather, there is wild proliferation of proprietary, cloud lock-in solutions that benefit individual companies, but not the data scientists and engineers building the AI applications of today and tomorrow. The Alliance came together to help those data science teams break out of lock-in so they can build on top of a standardized, open platform that works across all of their environments.

Algorithmia’s enterprise machine learning operations (MLOps) platform manages all production stages of the ML lifecycle within existing operational processes, enabling businesses to put models into production quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Unlike inefficient and expensive do-it-yourself MLOps management solutions that lock users into specific technology stacks, Algorithmia automates ML deployment, optimizes collaboration between operations and development, leverages existing SDLC and CI/CD systems, and provides advanced security and governance. Algorithmia integrates with other best-in-class tools throughout the ML lifecycle to help you leverage the power of MLOps to unlock value from your ML. That’s why we’re so proud to be a founding member of the AIIA.

The Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Alliance is a consortium of leading artificial intelligence startups with a mission to help every company realize the infinite potential of AI. Formed in February 2021, the Alliance is focused on tying together the complex web of existing AI technologies into a single Canonical Stack, providing the infrastructure on which any company—from tiny startups to global enterprises—can run impactful AI projects. Founding members include Pachyderm, Seldon, Determined AI, Algorithmia, Tecton, ClearML by Allegro AI,, ZenML by Maiot, DAGsHub, TerminusDB, WhyLabs, YData, Superb AI, Valohai,,, Arize AI, CometML, Iguazio, UbiOps, and Fiddler. To learn more about the AIIA or to become a member, visit

Diego Oppenheimer