Algorithmia has grown rapidly since we launched last year. We now have more than 16,000 developers using the Algorithmia library of algorithms to help them build smart apps in just five lines of code. Over the past year we’ve consistently heard from developers that they need a free tier so they can try, experiment, and integrate Algorithmia worry-free.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new, free tier to make access to Algorithmia even easier: all users now receive 5,000 free credits to use every month. Forever.

Free Forever pricing with Algorithmia makes getting started even easier. Algorithmia is about giving developers access to world class algorithms. With our new Free Forever tier, we’ll help more developers get started faster. This is perfect for researchers, hackers, and hobbyists looking to get started using state-of-the-art algorithms in their projects. Focus on building your apps without worry of running out of credits. Upgrade to a paid plan only when you’re ready to scale. All new accounts you also receive 5,000 bonus credits to be used at any time. Ready to get started? Sign-up here to start for free.

When you’re ready to upgrade, we have a pay as you go plan to fit the needs of your growing business. Packages start at $20 for 200,000 credits. We offer a 10% volume discount starting at $100 for 1.1MM credits. Our pay as you go plan includes the ability to purchase credits on demand, and auto-reload when you run out – all without minimum monthly fees, or contracts. You only pay for what you use. All pay as you go accounts also receive the 5,000 free monthly credits.

It has been a pleasure building Algorithmia with you, and it’s incredible to see the amazing apps the community has built with us. More features are coming soon, including support for more programming languages.

To recap: Algorithmia is free forever. No contracts. Upgrade when you’re ready.

Happy Coding!

–Team Algorithmia

What’s Changed 

Your dashboard now features a thermometer of the number of free credits remaining in your cycle, and when the cycle next resets. We also provide a rollup of your total credits remaining (granted + earned + purchased credits). Learn more here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.35.48 PM

On your account page, we display a 30-day account balance history to help you better understand your usage.

Algorithmia account details page

Pricing FAQ

Can I get started for free?
Yes! All accounts receive 5,000 free credits that reload automatically every 30-days. In addition, we offer all new users an additional 5,000 credits to use at anytime.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?
Nope. Simply sign-up and started making API calls today.

What’s the cost to run an algorithm?
All algorithms are charged a fee of 1 credit-per-second of execution time. Algorithm developers may charge an additionally royalty per call, which is specific to the version of the algorithm and guaranteed in perpetuity.

What is a credit worth?
The exchange rate for credits is 10,000 credits to $1 USD.

What happens if I run out of credits?
If you’ve purchased credits and have enabled auto-reload, you will be billed when your account balance reaches zero remaining credits.

If you don’t enable auto-reload or are on our Free Forever plan, you’ll receive alerts that your account balance is insufficient. To resume making API calls, simply purchase additional credits, or wait until your free credits reload at the end of your cycle.

Can I rollover unused credits?
Credits you’ve purchased never expire, and can be used at anytime. The 5,000 free credits you receive every 30-days do not rollover or accumulate in any way.

How do I buy credits?
From your Account page, select Purchase Credits. We offer two base packages: 200,000 credits for $20, and 1MM credits with a 10% bonus for $100.

Need volume pricing? Contact us.

How do I get billed?
We charge your credit card at the time of purchase. If you enable auto-reload, you will be billed when your account balance reaches zero remaining credits, so that your API calls continue uninterrupted.

I’m an algorithm developer, can I spend the credits I earn?
Yes! Earned credits can be used to call any algorithm at anytime.

Where can I see my usage metrics?
A detailed transaction log, available credits, and more are available under the Account tab on your Profile page.

Do you have academic researcher or student discounts?
Yes! Contact us about Algorithmia for Academia.

More questions?
Contact us at any time via email.