Our new, advanced reporting tools for effective governance are now available for all Algorithmia Enterprise customers. Get started now.

Advanced reporting and governance capabilities are now available for Algorithmia Enterprise customers

We’re excited to share that our new, advanced reporting tools are now available to all Algorithmia Enterprise customers. With these new tools, businesses can report on a variety of metrics and outcomes that are essential to machine learning governance, enabling enterprise IT and internal risk leaders to more effectively govern the use of ML models in production environments.

The new tools include a suite of governance reports and enhanced logging, all accessible via an advanced reporting panel, and are included in all Algorithmia Enterprise subscriptions.

Why governance is crucial to machine learning success

According to our 2021 enterprise trends in machine learning report, the top ML challenge facing organizations today is governance. 56% of all respondents indicated that governance, security and auditability issues were a major concern for their organizations, and 67% reported needing to comply with multiple regulations for machine learning.

As the disciplines of AI and ML mature, IT and risk professionals are faced with growing challenges when it comes to governance. Not only must they manage and operate their existing company’s infrastructure, but they also have to manage AI/ML data models and workloads, all of which present their own unique challenges for governance.

However, for many organizations, the sheer scope of this challenge is only just becoming apparent. While governance and security have been a major focus for large enterprise companies for some time, many are just beginning to include ML models in those efforts. The effects of a model failure may not be known for some time, perhaps after bad credit decisions, fraud detection decisions, or client-visible decisions have been made. Current model governance approaches are not sufficient or not being applied appropriately to machine learning operations (MLOps).

In fact, in most organizations, governance and ML model risk management are still primarily focused on validation and testing of models and inspection of documentation prior to model deployment. As ML adoption has accelerated over the last year, though, IT leaders, business line leaders, CIOs, and chief risk officers have realized that what happens after a model is deployed is even more important than pre-deployment testing and validation.

Our new advanced reporting capabilities for governance are aimed at solving these challenges. They fill out the compliance and audit capabilities of our Enterprise product and augment existing Algorithmia capabilities around explainability and performance monitoring, model cataloging, repository, and security.

Advanced reporting and governance capabilities

With the new capabilities, Algorithmia now provides detailed reporting metrics for algorithm consumption and data storage, all tailored to the unique needs of governing machine learning.

Reporting metrics will provide IT departments with a deeper understanding of their cluster usage and allow them to view operational health metrics, model inventory, model change management, model version control, logging for data consumed, and results, including errors. In addition, the new capabilities include the ability to set pricing to accurately bill consumers of the platform based on usage and data storage utilization.

The new reporting and governance capabilities include:

  1. Cost and usage reporting on infrastructure, storage, and compute consumption within Algorithmia to understand and manage the overall cost of maintaining the platform.
  2. Enhanced chargeback and showback reporting for monthly costs of storage, CPU and GPU consumption, and usage billing. 
  3. Algorithm usage reporting with details of the algorithm used, so organizations can bill users for their usage.
  4. Enhanced audit reports and logs so examiners and auditors can review model results, history of changes, and a record of data errors or past model failures and actions taken.
  5. Advanced reporting panel for Algorithmia admins that provide an overview of all available metrics and usage reporting, ability to build reports and export reports, and metrics to systems of record.

Governance dashboards

Get started with advanced reporting and governance

These new, advanced reporting and governance capabilities are available in all Algorithmia Enterprise subscriptions. As the leading enterprise MLOps platform, Algorithmia manages all stages of the production ML lifecycle within existing operational processes so you can put models into production quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

If you’re not currently using Algorithmia Enterprise, explore our platform and watch a demo today to learn how it accelerates time-to-value for your ML investments while protecting your business with advanced governance and security.


William Hansen