zeryx / cdata_salesforce / 0.1.0



Uses a CData plugin

This algorithm allows you to connect to an existing salesforce instance allowing get, update, insert and delete operations using a simple SQL interface.

Configuration Settings

This algorithm requires configuration settings to work. You'll need:

  • your Salesforce username and password
  • your Salesforce security token

To get your security token

To Configure

to configure, gather the information necessary above, and make an API request like the following

{"user": ..., "password": ..., "security_token: ... }

To obtain the security token:

Open the personal information page on Salesforce.com. Click the link to reset your security token. The token will be emailed to you. Specify the security token in the SecurityToken connection property or append it to the Password.

The response will return a data API similar to the following: data://.algo/zeryx/cdata_salesforce/perm/config.json Once that's done the algorithm will automatically find your configuration settings and use it for future requests. If you'd like to make a change please delete the file at that location and run the configuration steps again.



Your SQL command, for example:


will yield: ["(1)", "(2)", "(3)"]