zeryx / cdata_mongo / 0.1.0



Uses a CData plugin

This algorithm allows you to connect to an existing mongodb instance allowing get, update, insert and delete operations using a simple SQL interface.

Configuration Settings

This algorithm requires configuration settings to work. You'll need:

  • user/password which has access to your mongodb database
  • your mongodb server host (eg; www.heresmymongo.com)
  • your mongodb server port (optional, defaults to the mongo default of 27017.)
  • the name of the specific mongodb database you plan to use

To Configure

to configure, gather the information necessary above, and make an API request like the following

{"user": ..., "password": ..., "database": ..., "server": ..., "port": ...}

Where port is optional

The response will return a data API similar to the following: data://.algo/zeryx/cdata_mongo/perm/config.json once that's done the algorithm will automatically find your configuration settings and use it for future requests. If you'd like to make a change please delete the file at that location and run the configuration steps again.



Your SQL command, for example:


will yield: ["(1)", "(2)", "(3)"]