This is the RemoveMisclassified filter, as implemented in Weka:

Send your input to the algorithm as a simple Json object, with the following parameters:

dataUrl: The path to the data to be manipulated (this path should point to the Data API)
options: A string that contains any options that you would like to specifically set for this filter (format: param name followed by desired value separated by space: e.g. "-C 5 -t 2"). For options specific to this filter, please see Weka docs linked above
writeUrl: (optional) Default behavior is to overwrite the dataUrl, if you specify this parameter, your filtered data will be written to this url. (caution: Specify writeUrl if you do not want your data to be overwritten with the filtered data!)

Writing good docs:

Communicate Value

A good introduction should make it clear why someone might use your API.

Show and Tell

Give examples of using your API and explain those examples.

Easy to Skim

Ensure your docs are structured such that familiar users can quickly jump to the content they want.


Revisit your docs after making breaking changes or adding new features to keep them up-to-date.