trivisionzero / MarkovChainTextGeneration / 0.1.0

Easy Markov Chain Text Generation

10 Credit Royalty
Easily generate sentences from a large string of text using Markov Chains.
Python 2.x
API Calls - 446 Avg call duration - 1.00sec
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Run an Example

"Yet he protested he liked me so well, that he would part with't upon any terms. As my last refuge I got my brother to appear in't."

Install and Use


Install the Algorithmia CLI client by running:

curl -sSLf | sh

Then authenticate by running:

$ algo auth
# When prompted for api endpoint, hit enter
# When prompted for API key, enter your key: YOUR_API_KEY
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    algo run trivisionzero/MarkovChainTextGeneration/0.1.0 -d '<INPUT>' --timeout 300
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