thatguy2048 / ConwaysGameOfLife / 0.1.2
This algorithm computes Conway's Game of Life.
The basic input is: [ boardWidth , boardHeight , ListOfLiveCells ]
Which will return the list of live cells in the next iteration of the game. The list of live cells expects List(int[]) where each int[] in the list is a pair of int values corresponding to a position on the board.
The other inputs are [ ... , ... , ... , doesBoardWrap , numberOfIterations , returnAllIterations, returnEntireBoard].

Name     Type     Description
doesBoardWrap     boolean     Determines if the edges of the board wrap to the opposite side.
numberOfIterations     int     The number of iterations to run.
returnAllIterations     boolean     If all iterations should be returned.
returnEntireBoard     boolean     If the return type should be a boolean[][] of the board.

If returnEntireBoard is used returnAllIterations is ignored, and if set to false will only return the last instance of the board, while set to true will return all iterations of the board.