simonsmith / GenerateSuperheroNames / 0.1.2


This algorithm generates superhero names. It uses a neural network trained on existing superhero names. It also uses a rudimentary discriminator to ensure names meet certain requirements, such as being unique to their set, and not duplicative of any names in the training data.



The algorithm accepts two inputs:

creativityFloat. How creative you want the output to be. Lower number means less creative. Default is 0.2.
limitInteger. The number of names you want. Default is 10.

Important note

Be sure to balance the creativity and the limit. If you set the creativity too low (say, 0.01) and the limit too high (say, 100), the algorithm may have trouble coming up with enough unique names in a reasonable timeframe (or possibly forever). This shouldn't be an issue with a high enough creativity setting, which gives the algorithm freedom to generate enough name variations.


The algorithm generates three outputs:

creativityThe specified creativity.
itemsAn array of generated names.
limitThe number of items requested.