pauljabernathy / RandomNumberGenerator / 0.1.5
Generates lists of pseduo random numbers, in either a uniform, normal, exponential, or binomial distribution.

The first parameter is a string, saying which distribution to use.  It can either be the English "normal," "binomial" etc. or the name of the corresponding R function, "rnorm," "rbinom," etc.  The second parameter is the number of pseudo random numbers to return.  The other numerical parameters vary based on which distribution it is, but generally they are similar to the R signatures.

["rnorm", 1000, 0.0, 1.0] - a normal/Gaussian distribution, 1000 numbers, mean of 0 and standard deviation of 1

["runif", 1000, 0.0, 1.0] - 1000 numbers distributed uniformally between 0 and 1

["rexp", 10000, 2, 0.0] - 10000 numbers from an exponential distribution, with gamma of 2.  The 0 is a placeholder and is not used in this case.

["rbinom","10000", ".5"] - 10000 numbers from a binomial distribution (think coin flips), with a probability of .5 of being either 1 or 0

Note, due to the way the JSON formatting is handled, decimal numbers less than one must be enclosed in quotes.  So 1.0 is fine, but 0.5 will cause a JSON format error and must be written as "0.5".