microprediction / mverify / 0.2.0



Highly experimental ... in theory you can use the Python library MUID at to mine for MUID's then sell them here for 1000 Algorithmia credits (7c after Algorithmia commission).

Mining MUIDs

See MUID documentation for more details on making MUIDs, and pip install the package muid at PYPI. Then you can start generating valuable hash-memorable unique identifiers as follows:

import muid

By default the difficulty is given by the min_len parameter at https://www.microprediction.com/config.json For testing you might want to start by doing something like


Selling MUID's here

Once you have mined a key you can get paid by doing the following:

  • Publish an algorithm and set the price at 1000 credits. For example yourusername/motza
  • Supply the key, the name of the algorithm you'd like us to call
  • Optionally supply an email for errors/confirmation etc


mverify expects a dict

algoAlgorithmia algorithm name
emailOptional your email address

The algorithm name should look like yourusername/youralgo and this algorithm should be public.

Mining and automatically selling

A script to do this coming soon.