mheimann / ImageReflection / 0.1.0

This algorithm reflects images either horizontally (around the y-axis) or vertically (around the x-axis).  Images may be passed in as one of two forms:

1) via a path to where they are stored in an Algorithmia data collection (note: the path must be to an Algorithmia data collection, i.e. start with "data://"!  Users interested in passing in an image with an arbitrary URL should check out the URL 2 Data algorithm).  In this case, the image will be saved to the same data collection with the same name plus the addition of a "_reflected_"  tag and the reflection option (see below for details).  

2) as base64 encoding, which can be done, for example, with the base64 module in Python.  In this case, the base64 encoding of the reflected image will be returned.  This is intended to support the needs of algorithms that call this algorithm internally, which will likely use this format.  

Additionally, the user must specify which direction reflection should be performed.  To reflect an image about the x-axis, the user can either type "X" or "vertical"; to reflect an image about the y-axis, the user can either type "Y" or "horizontal".  Capitalization does not matter.